Pain Management Hypnotherapy

Pain Management HypnotherapyIf you are living with pain and it is impacting your daily life, then you are one of the estimated 10 million people in the UK who are also suffering. It is such a big problem to the NHS that The British Pain Society now maintains that both hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis are useful relaxation techniques as part of pain management. The theory is that you can control own your pain levels which will then enable you to be distracted from thinking about the pain, possibly forgetting it altogether.

Remember Hypnotherapy is used for Pain Management, it is not a cure. We experience pain for many reasons, one of which is to tell us that something may be wrong, if we took away these feelings we would be denying ourselves of being given appropriate medical care.

I can use hypnotherapy to help you manage the following types of pain:

– Headaches / Migraines

– Back pain (inc arthritis)

– Toothache/ Earache/ Stomach-ache

– Period pain

– Cancer pain

– Post-operative pain

It is important that you have consulted your GP prior to the hypnotherapy sessions to confirm a diagnosis. I will also ask you to complete a pain diary before you come to enable you to be aware of any specific triggers and also the intensity of the pain.

Pain Management Hypnotherapy – £60 per 60 minute session