Child Hypnotherapy

Children spend a lot of their time imagining, fantasising and pretending, on a daily basis. They can become easily entranced by stories, television and films. All they are doing here is entering their own level of hypnosis as they are often mesmerised by one thing and completely oblivious to another. As a result, children respond brilliantly to hypnosis as they are already used to entering into it, in their own way.

Child HypnotherapyHypnotherapy can be very effective in helping children of all ages with the following:

  • Bedwetting / soiling and general sleep issues
  • Anxiety and phobias
  • Nail biting and thumb sucking
  • Hair pulling
  • Nervousness and shyness
  • Bullying and issues at school
  • Stuttering and blushing
  • Exam nerves and public speaking nerves

As I was a teacher for 20 years before I became a full time therapist and I am a mum myself, I feel I can fully relate to children of all ages. They usually can open up to me and feel comfortable enough to share their feelings and thoughts. I can work with children from 8 upwards and as long as there is parental consent or from a responsible adult, then the child can choose whether they want to work with me by themselves or with the adult present. I am fully CRB checked too for your peace of mind.

If you have any concerns regarding your child and you think hypnotherapy could help them, look no further. I would be privileged to help get your child’s sparkle back.

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Hypnotherapy with Children – £65 per 60 minute session (first session £70)