Pregnancy & Childbirth Hypnotherapy

Pregnancy & Childbirth

Pregnancy & Childbirth HypnotherapyAs a mum myself, I know that from the moment you see the line on the pregnancy test which confirms your life is about to change forever, you will be filled with a mixed bag of emotions; elation, worry, panic, excitement. All of these are perfectly normal and any mum-to-be that reckons they sailed through pregnancy and childbirth without a care or a worry must be very forgetful or just so tired that they can’t actually remember!

How hypnotherapy can help during pregnancy

During your pregnancy, your body undergoes some serious changes. You may have never experienced heartburn but then all of a sudden, at week 16- it hits you like a train! There are other conditions which hypnotherapy can help with such as hypertension, morning sickness, anxious feelings of “Will I be a good mum?”

Studies have shown that babies born to mothers, who have used hypnotherapy to relax them, are more likely to sleep and feed better. I will use techniques such as deep relaxation, visualisation and self-hypnosis and through this; I will help to dismiss any negative thoughts or concerns and help you to feel in control, confident and prepared for the birth.


Pregnancy & Childbirth Hypnotherapy“Feeling relaxed during labour ensures a high level of oxygen is entering the body which is not only good for the baby but also good for the production of endorphins which are the body’s natural pain reliever.”- Hypnotherapy Directory.  It is crucial to stay calm and relaxed when the time comes to give birth to your baby. Therapeutic hypnosis can help you to stay focused, calm, relax and in control.

Antenatal sessions for childbirth are usually four sessions in the run up to due date. These obviously can vary as babies don’t always want to come out on time! Birth partners/ husbands are welcome to attend.

Pregnancy & Childbirth Hypnotherapy – £50 per 60 minute session


Combining Hypnotherapy and Reflexology

As a qualified and experienced fertility and maternity reflexologist, I have designed a package that combines the benefits of both Hypnosis and Reflexology to help you prepare mentally and physically for conception, IVF treatment, pregnancy and childbirth. Whichever stage you are at in this journey to motherhood, you can feel reassured that you are in very safe hands.

Reflexology and Hypnotherapy Combined Package for Pregnancy and Childbirth – £50 (60 minute session)

For further information on Reflexology, please refer to my website