Eating Disorder Hypnotherapy

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorder HypnotherapyOne of my first ever clients was a lovely guy who claimed her had never eaten fresh fruit or vegetables in his life. His diet was in fact so unhealthy that he worried for his health and also that his children would start to copy his bad eating habits. At this point, he was ready to make the change. He had reached rock bottom with his eating and he knew he had to get help.

After just 3 sessions of hypnotherapy, he was replacing the usual pepperoni and chicken on his pizza with pineapple and sweetcorn! He was eating the veg first with his Sunday dinner and trying fruit that he had previously avoided because he thought they would have tasted disgusting.

If this sounds familiar to you, or you have issues with food in your life currently, I am trained to deal with some eating Disorders ranging from Binge-Eating and Selective Eating Disorder. Please note, I DO NOT work with Anorexia of Bulimia or eating issues in children.

In most instances, the root cause of the problem is treated first and foremost. Then once this is dealt with, I work on self-esteem issues and share techniques to help you get the control back in your life.

Eating Disorder Hypnotherapy – £65 per 60 minute session – first session £70

It may be necessary to contact your GP, nurse or dietician so you may receive the correct nutritional advice and any additional support.