Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy

Smoking Cessation HypnotherapySo what kind of smoker are you? A social smoker? A secret smoker? A stressed-out smoker? It really doesn’t matter what kind of label you have given yourself because you are a smoker, plain and simple. The fact that you are looking at using hypnosis to stop smoking tells me that you are a smoker who has HAD ENOUGH!

So you are ready to make the change. You are ready to STOP SMOKING for GOOD! Congratulations on reaching that decision. You have done the hard bit in accepting you have this addiction, now it is time for the easy bit.


Some Facts:

The New Scientist Magazine published an article in October 1992 stating that, “Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking.” Statistics show that Hypnotherapy for Stopping Smoking is five times more likely to work than willpower alone or self-help books /CD’s and three times more effective than nicotine gum. Advice from the GP is actually the LEAST EFFECTIVE!

Often, people turn to hypnosis as a last resort having tried other methods to stop smoking, nicotine patches, e-cigarettes etc. Smoking Cessation hypnotherapy should not be seen as a miracle cure, if you are not completely 100% committed to quitting this habit, it won’t work for you…simple as that. 100% commitment and 100% desire to stop smoking will equate to 100% success.

You must have the desire yourself; being pressurised by someone else is unlikely to make any difference to you as your subconscious will always make an excuse for you to continue.


My Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy Programme:

My Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy Programme is tailored just for you. Following a FREE consultation, I take into account what type of smoker you are, what your triggers are, your reasons for smoking and why you are still hanging on to this habit.

I then use my skills as a SMOKING CESSATION SPECIALIST Hypnotherapist (Cert SCS) to suggest ways to your subconscious mind about changing this habit, the way it is making you feel and the way you really want to be. All you have to do is just relax and let me do the work…I said it was easy didn’t I? It couldn’t be easier. You will be so impressed by the results and the changes in yourself that you will think time and time again, “Why didn’t I just do this before?”.


The Session:

The majority of my clients only need a one 2hr session to become non-smokers for good. However, a follow up session is included in the fee, should you require it, within one month from the date of your first session. You will also get a CD to take away with you to play as and when you need it to reinforce the session.

So if you are ready to STOP SMOKING for good and the sound of quitting smoking with hypnosis sounds good to you, CONTACT ME NOW and book in for that free no obligation consultation.


Smoking Cessation Programme – £200 for 2 hr session (includes CD + free follow up visit within one month, if required)